Mobility Program Manager


No matter which country you’re in, the transition from an economy based on fossil fuels to one based on sustainable energy sources is well underway. It takes slightly different approaches, and it progresses from different starting points depending on the area, but it’s clear, we’re all engaged in a global shared “electrification" challenge.

At BASQUEVOLT our mission is to develop sustainably the best battery materials and cells that will make possible the mass deployment of electric transportation, stationary energy storage and advanced portable devices.

Our proprietary solid-state battery technology will allow us to develop and commercialise safe, high performance and affordable products for a diverse portfolio of customers, from mobility, stationary energy storage and consumer electronics.

To this end, we offer the position of a Mobility Program Manager.


The Mobility Program Manager will join the Program team, reporting to the Program Director and handling the following:

  • Leading all technical and economic convergence with customer in order to answer to all Requests for Quotation for mobility customers
  • Coordinate Basquevolt teams in order to find the best solution for the customer respecting all the targets agreed with the customer
  • Coordinate Basquevolt teams in order to develop Basquevolt full answer until the final approval by the customer respecting all targets and schedule agreed with the Customer
  • Being one voice from Basquevolt to the customer for the mobility program
  • Being fully responsible of all targets agreed with the customer and Basquevolt technical departments and provide regular feed-back to both customer and BQV teams and propose/lead corrective actions if needed.
  • Feedback to all other Basquevolt Departments the necessary evolutions of Basquevolt technology in order to adapt to customer requests


We are offering a permanent position as Mobility Program Manager that will give you a unique opportunity to work alongside some of the most talented leaders in the lithium battery sector in Europe.

In addition to the appeal of the entire project, BASQUEVOLT offers a very competitive basic salary and conditions.


All applicants are invited to submit a detailed curriculum vitae. 


We are looking for a highly skilled and motivated individual capable of taking up this challenging opportunity to develop an ambitious project.

Applicants should have a high degree of initiative and should be open to intense interdisciplinary collaboration. Applicants must demonstrate solid experience in engineering development for battery solutions

 Applicants should have a high degree of initiative, flexibility and should be open to intense interdisciplinary collaboration, first in an early-stage start-up but moving progressively to an efficient mid-size organisation.

Specifically, we will assess expertise in the following aspects:

  • Bachelors or master’s degree in Engineering,
  • Experience in Product/Process engineering. Automotive experience is highly appreciated.
  • Solid experience (+10 years) in managing projects with purchasing, process and product engineering and mass market manufacturing of complex products.
  • Desirable also strategy / commercial / manufacturing experience.
  • Advanced organisational leadership skills. Demonstrated team building and management track record, including communication, teamwork, conflict resolution and negotiation skills.
  • Project-oriented person to manage resources effectively, find solutions and achieve goals.
  • Ability to work under pressure or adapt quickly to change.
  • We expect high readiness to work with strong engagement and creativity in an interdisciplinary and international environment.
  • A valid EU work permit is mandatory.

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