The Energy Globe Award appoints Basquevolt as its Spanish National Winner

The Energy Globe Award appoints Basquevolt as its Spanish National Winner

Basquevolt was rewarded this past Thursday 18th of January with the National Energy Globe Award of Spain in the Commercial Office of the Austrian Embassy for the best energy efficiency.

A recognition deeply appreciated

Basquevolt won this past 18th of January the Energy Globe Award 2023 in Spain in a ceremony held in the Commercial Office of Austria, an environmental prestigious award that is presented annually in 180 countries through the Austrian ENERGY GLOBE FOUNDATION. The award recognises the best projects in the field of energy efficiency, sustainability, and the use of renewable energies.


This year, in its Spanish edition, the award went to Basquevolt and its "disruptive" technology to achieve more affordable batteries that allow "the abandonment of fossil fuels and the real transition to electric mobility for all", allowing Europe to lead this transition and be independent from a geopolitical point of view of its Asian and American competitors. "Our goal is to have a technology that allows Europe to be independent in the shift from fossil fuels to an electric society", explains Francisco Carranza, CEO of Basquevolt.


During the presentation of the award at the Commercial Office of the Austrian Embassy, Advantage Austria, which took place yesterday afternoon in Spain, Francisco Carranza highlighted "our gratitude to the organization for recognising the companies that work towards the Netzero goal, in which batteries are called to play a fundamental role".


Founded by Austrian energy pioneer Wolfgang Neumann, the Energy Global Foundation is a non profit organization with 30 years of experience in the area of energy efficiency and renewable energies

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